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How to configure a basic MagiC work environment with Aranym

Here's a brief description how to install a decent TOS compatible work environment with Aranym. It worked fine for me, however, this description is provided "as is" and comes with absolutely no warranty. Use on your own risk.

Aranym is available from the project homepage and repository. MagiC and Jinnee can be purchased from Application Systems Heidelberg.

  1. First, install aranym, configure for usage with TOS 4.04 (or EmuTOS, which also works)

  2. Create harddisk image (IDE)

  3. Create floppy disk image with MagiC and Jinnee installers

  4. Mount floppy disk image, run MagiC installer

  5. Mount floppy disk image, run Jinnee installer
You should now be able to already run a nice b/w TOS desktop.

Next, lets configure the system for higher resolutions/more colors and host filesystem access:

  1. Install fVDI
    obtain from: see fVDI or Aranym website)
    Install in AUTO/GEMSYS folder as described
    install fvdi_040.prg in AUTO folder
    install aranym.sys in GEMSYS folder (obtain e. g. from fVDI website)
    example configuration (1024 x 768 pixels, 70 Hz): add the following configuration line to fvdi.sys

  2. Install Betados for host filesystem access
    example configuration: configure bdconfig.sys as follows for host filesystem mapping (please remember that it's important to configure fs_mountPoint, fs_hostRoot in the Aranym config file, too).

  3. Configure network access
Now the base configuration is done, enjoy! (See screenshot)

Last modified: 2019-07-03